WEXIST ™️ [wee.ig.zist] is an upcoming streetwear brand for tall girls and tall women that have been ignored by the fashion industry. Growing up in NYC you had to look fresh or people would tease you. I wanted to wear the latest streetwear like Baby Phat Pepe Jeans, Girbaud and the list goes on. I couldn't though because they weren't made for tall girls and tall women. I had to shop at Oldnavy and The Gap to barely find anything as trendy. At the age 16 that was a nightmare. I never felt like I fitted in with my peers. At that time there weren't many trendy places to shop. Rewind to today and there are several clothing and shoe options for tall girls and tall women that I'm thankful for.

However there aren't any streetwear clothing lines for tall girls and tall women.
What's streetwear? Streetwear in the fashion industry is when sportswear meets hiphop! Consisting of oversized hoodies, graphic t-shirts, track suits and limited Edition designs.


Walk a mile graphic t-shirt

So WEXIST was born! It's more than a brand it's a lifestyle. My first goal is to untie tall girls through fashion and help them embrace their height!. I realize we could have all the clothes in the world but if we haven't embraced our height does the clothes really matter? I'm creating a platform for tall girls and tall women to have their voices heard and change the narrative about being tall. If we change the narrative we can bring awareness to the fashion industry and the rest of the world that WEXIST.

WEXIST currently offers graphic t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more. The designs consist of responses to daily tall girl questions uplifting words and graphic art designed by myself. The designs are tall but the shirts are currently standard industry sizing while I create patterns designed specifically for our body types.

I'm currently working on 2 essential pieces that every tall girl needs in their wardrobes.

Makeba Tall T-shirt

My Makeba daily tall tee and Jemison tall leggings (up to 41"inseam) to match. The peices are designed for the tall girl and tall women on the go.

Jemison tall leggings up to 41"inseam


From going to school to taking your kids to school. Going to work or working out, a party, the plane or gym! These peices will accommodate your lifestyle.
Follow me on my journey as I go behind the scenes sharing the process of creating a clothing line from scratch.


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