WEXIST & WNEP News: WEXIST INC. works to fill a need in fashion

WEXIST is always on a mission to bring awareness to the world that tall girls exist. This time I had help from my local news crew WNEP. Chelsea and Mike did an amazing job helping WEXIST spread the word. 

When they first arrived, I was extremely nervous but I quickly built my confidence and was ready to rock and roll. Chelsea had “tall girl energy “ and understood the struggles that tall girls faced shopping especially with shoes. Michael is also tall, which made me feel so much better shaking my story. We had so much fun, that by the end of the interview I had the news crew rocking WEXIST.

Chelsea and Michael rocketing WEXIST VERTICAL T-SHIRT  

Here is the video of the final project. 


Read the full article here https://www.wnep.com/mobile/article/news/local/luzerne-county/wexist-inc-works-to-fill-a-need-in-fashion/523-8f2f1a5f-f083-461f-9c08-24da8c40fff6

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