The Top Streetwear T-shirts Out Now By WEXIST Inc For Tall Girls

WEXIST Inc is a streetwear brand for tall girls and tall women. T-shirts are essential pieces for a complete streetwear wardrobe. Every t-shirt is designed specifically for tall girls to help them embrace their height through fashion while bringing awareness to the world WEXIST. Here is a list of the top streetwear t-shirts out now by WEXIST Inc.

1. I Love My Tall T-shirt

Every tall girl should own this shirt.  Simple with a powerful messages.  Whether you've embraced your height or not this t-shirt will be your daily affirmation that you accept who you are. Truth is you can't change being tall but you can learn to embrace your height. 

2. Straight Outta Leg Room 

This is WEXIST most popular t-shirt and bestseller.  Every tall girl can relate to being "straight outta leg room"! From a your last flight on your favorite airline (Delta girl) or just sitting down at table/ desk you may've noticed the lack of leg room. 

3. Tall Girl Established in (Customize the year) 

Another bestseller of WEXIST is "tall girls established in XXXX"  Most tall girls are born tall! Your mother probably has told you all the stories about what the doctors and nurses said on the day you were born.

4. Tall AF

 Being tall is something that you can't hide. People constantly comment about your height. Beat them to the punch with our bestseller "tall af" t-shirt. This shirt will make me dona double take and even chuckle.  Some may ask, "what's af"? Now is your time to educate them how you feel about being tall. We even have one for our short besties.  Treat yourself or your bestie to a shirt today.


Whatever t-shirt you choose, people will definitely notice! Use code B1G50 to get 50% off a t-shirt,  after paying full price for one.



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