Fall Essentials For Tall Girls

Fall is almost here, and tall girls and tall women want to step out in style. WEXIST has fun items that will be great to play with to create dope looks for the fall. Most items are unisex, so if you are a guy—don't worry, we've got you.

Remember all the times a you've tried on a pair of jeans, that never quite reach the bottom? Or finding matching socks to pullover your high water pants!

As tall girls, finding clothes that fit and actually look good is a hassle. It isn't easy to appreciate and love every inch of us when clothes aren't there for us. 

So finding a brand that offers essential clothing for tall girls is important this time of the year.

Here's are a few fall essentials for all vertical beauties regardless of size or height:

  • The Super High Waisted Vintage Skinny Leg Jeans
  • Skinny jeans were made for tall girls—they are every girl's best friend and will give you a chance to show off your brilliant legs. The WEXIST Super High Waisted Vintage Skinny Leg Jeans are to die for: they are stretchy -- they will fit like a glove. They have great length, and they are of premium quality. 

  •  Camo Print Tall Cotton Fleece Jogger Pants
  • The Camo Jogger pants hug your every curve—making you feel like a style goddess. They are made from a thick material, soft and breathable. They are great for a laid-back look and can also be dressed up to match high fashion.

  • Vertical Beauty Crew T-Shirt
  • The vertical Beauty Crew T-Shirt is a unisex piece that accentuates your swan-like neck. It is 100 percent cotton, comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It is one piece that you can wear in various ways: tie it up as a crop, tuck in any of the WEXIST jogger pants, or the high-Waisted skinny jeans.

  •  Tall Gang Dorm Hoodie
  • You do not have to buy baggy and over-sized hoodies to get one that fits your arms. The Tall Gang Dorm Hoodie is the most popular streetwear hoodie for tall girls and tall women, and if your vibe is streetwear—this is the hoodie for you!

    It is soft, warm, and cozy—it feels like a warm hug. It has a retro print that will have a distressed look after a wash and something extra—a hidden earphone pouch.  The hoodie comes with the words "Tall Gang" printed across the chest.


  •  Bronx Bomber Patch Jacket
  • An excellent bomber jacket is always the cherry on top to a great outfit—especially one that covers your wrists. The WEXIST Bronx bomber patch jacket will definitely add the “it” factor to your outfit. It is trendy, and a head-turning accessory. The bomber jacket is made with 100 percent polyester, has two-sided pockets and an extra pocket on the sleeve just because. 



    Fall into style with your favorite piece, your wrist and ankles will thank you later!

    Shop more fall essentials and did we miss anything? Let us know so we can make it next fall.  

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